Slots of Gold Review

  slotsThe Android Slots of Gold app contains a mighty range of six video slot games. Currently one of the most played video slots in the UK, much of its popularity stems from the fact that it is completely free to play. The idea is to build up your credits total and try and win the jackpot which grows the more you play. Regular players are given daily bonuses which help them along the way. The game also has a social element and if you integrate with Google Play you can compete with hundreds and thousands of other players from around the world for a spot on the overall leaderboard. For anyone who enjoys slots but doesn’t like gambling with real money this is a great game to get a thrill from the competition, without risking your hard earn cash by playing a casino slot game. All you need to do, apart from owning an Android phone, is go to the Android Play Store and download the app. Choose the game you want to have a try on first and away you go. Each of the six games is a little different. The main variation is the themes with one game in a jungle theme with monkeys, parrots, chameleons and the like as the symbols, another set in Ancient Egypt and a third a futuristic Space setting. There are some other differences as well such as the bonus rounds which each game has and the number of lines and reels. There is one game with the simple classic three reel and one line format, and at the other end of the scale a 7-reel 52 line game, with the others at various gradients in between.


Slots of Gold is immensely fun if you are a slots fan. The accumulation of the jackpot, the spirit of competition engendered by the community element of the global leaderboard and the selection of different games makes it a winner. It looks good with fresh and fun cartoon style graphics and has been built with a responsive design so you can play on either a phone or tablet without losing anything from the visuals or gameplay. It also runs quickly and smoothly even on older Android devices so you don’t need to be in possession of the latest gadgetry to enjoy the game. If you are generally not a slots fan then Slots of Gold probably won’t appeal to you. But then, you can say that about pretty much any game. You probably won’t enjoy Call of Duty either if you don’t like shoot-em-ups, despite the fact that it is one of the most popular games ever created.